Celebrating Mother’s Day 2020 From Afar

Mother’s Day 2020 finds the world at a unique time with almost everything at a standstill. Due to the unfortunate circumstances that demand social distancing, you have to be creative in the way you celebrate. Here are a few ideas on how to make the day count regardless of the current situation.

1. Make a Dish (Virtually) Together

Many people consider food as a sign of love, and, in that case, Mother’s Day should be all about good food. If you're unable to safely celebrate in the same household with her, you can video call and cook her favorite meal with her virtually. Make yourself the ultimate sous chef and:

Sharing experiences, even when over a video call, creates a sense of bonding that everyone needs right now.

2. Sign Her Up for a Monthly Book Subscription

For avid readers, this is the ideal time to power through all of the books remaining on your reading list. Any bookworm will appreciate everything book-related, and this is the opportune time to put a smile on your mother's face. You can get her a Book of the Month Club subscription to book clubs such as Oprah or Reese Witherspoon Book Clubs. Alternatively, you can purchase copies of books from some of her favorite authors online and send them over.

3. Send Mom a Card

A heartfelt handwritten message will uplift your mother's spirits this Mother’s Day. You can even make your own card as opposed to buying one. It will be a fun thing to keep you engaged for a while. You can use the help of Mimeo Photos that offers card creation services to help with your card-making activity. FaceTime your mother at the time they are delivering, you might want to see the priceless reaction on her face as she opens the gifts.

4. Play Online Games

Create time to relax and play any of these online games:

It’ll be a great way to take your minds off everything that’s going on and just play. More so, you can involve other family members in games such as poker, scrabble, and monopoly to make it more enjoyable.

5. Gift a Photobook Keepsake

Find pictures that will awaken the best memories. Use photos from family vacations, birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and thanksgiving photos. Be sure to include your siblings, pets and other relatives. Why not even give her a call to talk about the pictures and the memories they evoke? If you need help with collage and photo compilations, find creative ideas on Mimeo Photos mothers day photobooks.

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