Convert Your Apple Photo Projects

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Convert Your Apple
Photo Projects

Starting with Mimeo Photos 3.0.0 on Mojave macOS
you can seamlessly convert your Apple photo projects
into Mimeo Photos projects.

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Converting Your Photo Project

Project conversion is made simple so you can customize and update the stories you tell through photos. To get started:

  • Simply open an existing Apple project
  • Click on the Convert button in the upper right-hand corner
  • Choose Mimeo Photos from the menu
  • Customize, edit, and print your converted photo project

If you haven’t downloaded Mimeo Photos yet, select the App Store option and download the free Mimeo Photos app.

Your photobook, card, or calendar will automatically be converted and open in the Mimeo Photos designer.

The Same Apple Quality, Just Under a New Name

Mimeo’s Apple Photo Project Ordering Service is compatible with your PDF of Apple Photos and iPhotos projects.

For the better half of a decade, Mimeo was one of Apple’s select print suppliers. If you’ve printed a project with Apple, it’s likely that it was printed with Mimeo.

Everything you’ve come to love about Apple is the same with us including project sizes, themes, layouts, materials, and premium quality.

New Levels Of Customization Just For You

Make the old new again. Use Mimeo Photos’ easy-to-use design tools to help you get as creative as you’d like:

  1. Switch to a new theme: Browse our library of over 50 themes including your Apple favorites.
  2. Update photos: Swap out, delete, and add new photos to your converted photo project.
  3. Change layouts: Mimeo Photos has countless layouts for you to showcase your favorite memories.
  4. Create custom text: Edit your existing photo project’s text or create new captions, titles, messages and more with a library of font styles.
  5. Play with color palettes: Change the color of fonts, covers, and page backgrounds with plenty of color collections to choose from.

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