Personalized Gifts for Mom: 5 Photobook Ideas

A personalized gift is a thoughtful way to celebrate mom this Mother's Day. Cherished family photos can become treasured keepsakes with just a bit of creativity. Photobooks offer the opportunity to reflect on the special woman in your life and highlight those moments that you want to celebrate. When you take the time to collect meaningful photos and design them in a photobook, mom will appreciate the effort you put into this gift. Plus, she'll love reflecting on your time spent together. You can then have this heartfelt gift delivered straight to her door before Mother's Day.

Before you begin to create your personalized photobook, consider these themes that contribute to your book's narrative.

Chronicle past family trips by making a travel photo book for your mom

1. Make a Family Travel Journal

Vacations are where family memories are made. While we may not be traveling this year, you can collect past memories into a singular collection. Alternatively, if you have years worth of family trip photos you can create several volumes that pay homage to each place on the map you’ve dotted. Filling an artfully designed photobook with memories of trips past will certainly bring a smile to your mom's face year-round. 

Have relatives author the book as a gift for mom

2. Share Stories About Mom

Let the family share their favorite stories about your mother in a narrative photobook. Every member of your family may appreciate her, but think about how often you truly express your appreciation. As you prepare your photobook, reach out to immediate and extended family members, and ask them to write a few sentences about what they love about your mom.

You can even give each family member a page or spread to design. They can customize the colors and layout, incorporate their favorite photos of them with mom, and then write a few sentiments about their relationship. Show your gratitude for the mother or grandmother in your life with this narrative photobook.

3. Recognize Past Mother's Day 

Mother's Day celebrations through the years can be featured in a book that celebrates your mom this year. Chances are you gather the kids together to take a family photo with her, but that annual photo is spread across albums. Incorporate pictures from previous Mother's Day celebrations into your book, making note of the year, the ages of the kids, and how you celebrated. Mom will enjoy looking back at all of the ways she's been celebrated in years past.

4. Gather Inspiration from Your Children

Get the kids into the photobook design fun by creating a book for mom inspired by their artwork and stories. This project is one that the entire family will enjoy. To begin, collect your kids' artwork to include in the book. You can do this in a couple of ways:

  • Use past artwork: If you're a saver and have your kids' drawings and projects from school tucked away somewhere, pull them out and start scanning. If you don't have a scanner, download an app onto your smartphone like CamScanner or Adobe Scan that allows you to scan the art and save it as an image to import into the book.
  • Create new artwork: You can also have kids create new Mother's Day inspired designs and scan them into the book. Have them create a series focused on why they love mom.

Next, give your children creative control over this project. Once they have selected the art to include, let them choose a complementary color scheme. They can choose the layout of the pages, add their favorite photos of them with mom, and incorporate text to share what they love about her. With your help, you can create a book that mom or grandma will enjoy reflecting on for years to come.

5. Celebrate Milestones

Milestone moments are worth preserving forever in a thoughtfully designed photobook. Celebrating these family moments is one way to show your mother just how much you love her. This design style works well for families who may not have any photobooks in their collection yet. Consider this book a record of mom's journey to this point. You can include images from her wedding, pregnancies, and births. Memorable vacations, birthday parties, and anniversaries provide further inspiration. Let mom reflect on her family life and how much she has accomplished with a photobook celebrating her achievements.

Treasured family memories come to life in a thoughtfully designed photobook for mom. Build your book in the app, choose from more than 50 pre-designed themes, and edit or add filters to your photos to complete the design. You'll give mom a gift she can open up and enjoy again and again.

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