Celebrate Nature Photography Day with these Awe-Inspiring Shots

To appreciate the world around us and promote wildlife conservation, photographers worldwide will come together to celebrate Nature Photography Day on June 15. Nature photography explores the beauty that surrounds us every day. It’s important to remember that no matter where you are in nature, your snapshot of the natural world has the ability to inspire.

Using expert tips from our photographer interviews, learn about the best of nature photography and capture something you'll be proud to share with the world.

Michael Ryno Photography

Get Close Up

Don't be afraid to tackle your subject matter from different angles and perspectives. Photographer Michael Ryno gets as close as possible to focus on the subject matter.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Since nature photography is usually shot outside, optimizing the best lighting is important. It is best to take photos during sunrise or sunset to take advantage of the golden hour light.

Use a Wide Angle Lens

There’s much to see when it comes to earth’s natural beauty. Wide angle lenses are preferred to showcase a broader view of the entire landscape and create a sense of depth and open space.

Isolate Your Subject

Be aware of the space around you. Photographer Michael Ryan says, “Many of my images feature fog either as the main element or as a supporting element. I also enjoy photographing unique looking trees, inland valleys, and coastal scenes as well.”  Use negative space or even the sky to highlight your main subject.

Michael Ryan Photography

Don’t Over-Edit

One of the ultimate beauties of nature is in its simplicity. Let your nature photos speak for themselves and avoid over-editing your photos. This is a common mistake with beginner photographers and should be avoided to allow for a more authentic look.

Capture Movement

Out in nature, you might stumble upon a moving subject like an animal or water. When working with moving subjects, it is best to work with a long exposure. For iPhone users, take advantage of burst mode, where a sequence of photos will be taken at a rate of ten frames per second with just one click.

See how photographer Daniel Greenwood captures movement in his work.

Daniel Greenwood photography

Celebrate Nature Photography Day

Use these tips and tricks with the right amount of patience and practice to prepare for Nature Photography Day! So step outside and start clicking. Once you’ve captured all the glory nature has to offer, put it in your very own Mimeo Photos photobook, card, or calendar to commemorate all of your fine work!

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