6 Ways iOS 12 Will Improve Everything About Your iPhone Photography

The latest software update comes with a few new features but the updates to your phone's photography capabilities - including how your images are shot, stored, and imported - are in for lots of improvement with iOS 12.

Here are six new changes that will make you feel like a professional photographer.

1. Simpler and More Convenient Photo Importing

Both amateur and professional photographers will be happy to know importing images to your iPhone with iOS 12 is even easier and much more convenient than ever before.

Import images from your SD card or other devices directly to pre-existing albums. Moreover, the update will help you avoid lumping images together in the Camera Roll. This eliminates the need to sort through and reclassify all of your newly uploaded images afterward. In addition, importing is significantly faster with this new software update.

2. Swiping Through Albums

Given that swiping seems to be the most natural motion when it comes to operating your smartphone, it only makes sense that your photo albums be presented this way, as well. With iOS 12, swipe sideways through your albums and access what you need more quickly and easily.

Each media type within your albums listing also has new icons so you can separate albums by image type, too. Icons include symbols for media types like Slo-Mo, Animated, Bursts, and Screenshots. This way, you can easily categorize different styles of imagery.

3. The New "For You" Tab

Because of the facial recognition feature, iOS 12 reminds you to share your images with the users it recognizes. Plus, it'll do the same for your friends so they can share images from a specific event with too.

The For You tab is a combination of the previous Memories and Shared tabs. By combining the two together, iOS 12 is able to show you memories you may be interested in and make sharing suggestions, too. Showcase your best work with the new Featured section of the albums.

4. Improved Portrait Lighting

For portrait images, lighting makes all the difference. To make shooting photos with your iOS 12 device better, there have been lighting option improvements to make it easier to get great shots.

The software detects faces and separates them from the background. This allows for more focused images with increased lighting on faces. Additionally, iOS 12 will also suggest to you when and where more lighting improvements can be made in the editing process. Even if your photos weren't taken from a high-end camera, your images taken with iOS 12 will be of a professional quality image.With more storage space, users tend to have more and - and more! - images and videos saved. Locating a specific image can be an arduous task with thousands of files on your mobile device.

Siri can now search for images for you based on keywords that either describe the image or are included in the saved location of the image. This can narrow down your searching process significantly and help you find your prize photo in seconds. You can also opt to type your keywords into the search bar for easy access to your images instead.

6. Photo Editing Additions

With the iOS 12 software update, you can now add more filters, text, markups, and other various effects. iOS 12 comes with the capability to add filters to live shots and videos. You're able to make editing adjustments to raw files - something only available via third-party apps in the past.

Everything you need to perfect your images is available in your iOS 12 device, which makes sharing your enhanced images to social media or with other users a breeze.

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