Your Fall Home Refresh

As we look ahead to more time spent indoors, now is the perfect time to think about how to refresh your home. 

The changes you make don’t have to be drastic. In some rooms, simple rearranging or adding a new element can give the room a totally new feel. Our favorite way to add new life into any room is updating the photos featured there. In this article, we’ll cover different photo display ideas from room to room for you to incorporate into your own home. 

Make Your Bedroom a Tranquil Space

Your master bedroom should be a space that is inviting and conducive to rest. Likely, a few images that are already on your camera roll come to mind when you think about “tranquility”. Take a closer look at the colors in the photos you’re considering. Imagery with soft undertones will relax you. Subjects matter too. Think of experiences you’ve had, like a quiet sunset over the water, that resonate with a sense of calm. 

When you’re happy with your selection, just be sure that it matches with the color scheme of your bedroom. Otherwise, you’ll have to be doing some major updates there to complement your photos.

Materials really matter when it comes to refreshing your space. Wrapped canvas wall decor is perfect for breathing in warmth into a room. Photos printed on canvas will look undeniably softer in tone. Something that will surely invoke a feeling of peace as you begin and end your day. 

Incorporate Past Experiences In Your Home Office

This year, many of us are adjusting to what it means to work from home in a full-time or part-time capacity. Likely, as the months of working remotely continued on, you’ve found a routine and set of expectations for yourself in your new work space. 

However, as we transition from one season to the next, the prospect of even more time in the home office can be a bit cumbersome for some. While a new house plant is an instant pick me up, we think that your past experiences are a tribute to fun times, hard work, and even genuine human connection. 

Task yourself with curating a collection of moments that spark feeling. These can be moments of pride from your work achievements, casual lunches with colleagues or clients, or even to new places that your job has brought you. After all, your job title doesn’t define you — it’s the people, places, and experiences that do.

After selecting your photos, think about where you’d like them to be displayed. A landscape or cityscape from a past work trip makes for a perfect panoramic photo print that you can place above your desk. Photos also don’t have to serve just you. Place some of your favorite happy hour snapshots and office selfies with your work besties in the background. It will make you and your team feel closer than ever when you dial in to the next video conference call.

Create a mindful home learning area with a photo wall calendar

Create a Mindful Home Learning Area

The recent uptick in virtual schooling for children has some parents scrambling to set up a proper spot for learning in their home. As the fall approached, parents everywhere did their best to create an imaginative and encouraging space for their children to learn. From fully dedicated rooms to parts of a small space, incorporating pictures can help make your at-home learner even more comfortable.

Try adding photos, quite literally, to their daily routines with a photo calendar. While calendars are used for tools to maintain organization and for scheduling, they’re also an easy, ongoing way to encourage students to remain active and mindful.

Add in special dates throughout each month that serve as an activity reminder or important day. Apply a photo with a title to each date so it immediately resonates. Some ideas include:

  • Yoga in the park
  • Meditation Monday
  • Family art project
  • Community impact day
  • Sunshine Saturday

You can carry this theme into the overarching months with photo themes and quotes to give your learner a boost.

Honor Your Child’s Creativity

A child’s perspective is like no other. Encourage the use of their imagination by scanning in copies of their original artwork. Google PhotoScan is a free, reliable app that doesn’t diminish the quality of the art. Simply scan the work with your phone using the app to build out a digital archive. 

Once you’re ready, turn this archive into print that they’ll be proud to share. Turn a softcover book into a full portfolio that will also fit nicely on your child’s bookshelf or nightstand. Since they’re lightweight and flexible, it’s easy to create multiple editions of your child’s creative output through the years and across mediums. 

They’ll be excited to pick up a copy that celebrates their latest achievements! 

Create a custom photo puzzle to enjoy again and again

Make Your Game Room the Center of Celebrations

Game rooms are a hot spot of fun activity. They’ve been the center of late night Scrabble sessions, foosball championships, and Monopoly feuds. This season, make your favorite experiences the center of conversation. Create a photo puzzle of a past travel or a family portrait in formats up to 1000+ pieces. 

Surely the conversation will be a reflective one among your family as you piece together the photo puzzle. Our staff members also recommend ordering our 110-piece set for younger children to use as learning modules. Incorporate multiple images, colors, and sets of text to help them understand the differences between subjects like seasons, objects, and food families.

Place Photo Reminders in High Traffic Areas

The kitchen and dining room are the central areas of the average home. These are spaces where families gather while dinner is being cooked and meals are being served. So much time is spent in these locations that there is plenty of opportunity to reconnect with some of your favorite moments every day.

Pictures of people make for great reminders. If you don’t have an updated family portrait, candid photos and vacation shots work just fine. To make your photos as true to life as possible, opt for an acrylic wall decor set. The acrylic pane adds a unique sense of depth so the people and places featured in the photos will make you really feel like you are there with them. This type of wall decor is easy to dust, so ongoing upkeep for these high traffic areas is minimal.

Place your favorite moments in high traffic areas with wall decor

Liven Up the Laundry Room

Oftentimes, the laundry room is neglected when it comes to investing in its design. Since its purpose is to act as a utility space, it’s easy to forget truly how much time you truly spend there. Refresh this area by adding metal wall decor that uplifts you and gives you something to think about other than switching cycles.

Use your shelf to casually lean up shots of your favorite destinations. Alternatively, hang them above your washer and dryer or sink. These can include captures from your annual family vacation or quick trips to local hiking trails.

Add a hardcover photobook to your living room coffee table

Prepare the Living Room for Family Time

The living room is the hub for lounging together with family and friends. A lot of time is spent there, sharing stories and moments alongside one another. So, why not share out your most recent collection of photos?

A hardcover photobook is the perfect coffee table volume. Not only do they build out the narrative of your family, but they serve as great conversation starters. Pick up your latest family album and reflect on every element, page-by-page.

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