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Photography Techniques for DIY Home Decor

Nothing helps you feel more at home than filling your walls with some familiar experiences. Take your decor game up a notch with these editorial photography techniques you to make beautiful DIY home decor.

Taking Photos on Your iPhone 12: 7 Features You Should Be Using

The new iPhone 12 camera features make it super simple to take amazing photographs. Here are just some of the top features to test out on the iPhone 12 to up your photography.

How to Split a Photo into Multiple Pictures

Splitting or dividing an image tells a more in-depth story — creating a magnificent art piece that goes easier on the eyes. While every image can become a triptych art piece, choosing the right image can be difficult.

The Science Behind Why We’re Drawn Towards Square Photos

Ever wonder the preference towards square images in both digital feeds and print? Turns out there are a few basic scientific reasons why you're drawn towards square.

How to Find the Perfect VSCO Preset and Instagram Layout

Choosing the perfect filter for your photos can be a strenuous task. There are so many filters, editing capabilities, and effects to choose from. With the 1000s of apps available, it seems impossible to pick the right one. Every major influencer and blogger has used the VSCO app.


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