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The Science Behind Why We’re Drawn Towards Square Photos

Ever wonder the preference towards square images in both digital feeds and print? Turns out there are a few basic scientific reasons why you're drawn towards square.

How to Find the Perfect VSCO Preset and Instagram Layout

Choosing the perfect filter for your photos can be a strenuous task. There are so many filters, editing capabilities, and effects to choose from. With the 1000s of apps available, it seems impossible to pick the right one. Every major influencer and blogger has used the VSCO app.

Our Round-Up: Productive & Creative Activities for Time at Home

Looking for activities to do at home as you practice social distancing? Try these mindfulness and creative practices while you're at home.

Mimeo Photos 3.4.0 -- Introducing Patterned Backgrounds & Framed Borders

Starting with Mimeo Photos 3.4 you’ll have access to new patterned backgrounds and image borders for all of your projects.

7 Photo Editing Apps You Need to Download

There are currently thousands of these apps floating around, so when it comes to the best for your photos, which should you download?


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