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Live Event Photography

Get Your Camera Ready For These Fall Photo Opps

Fall is an ideal time to capture nature, sleepy towns, and the people you gather around with. Use these tips to set yourself up at any moment to snap photographs to later fill keepsakes with.

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Capture Manhattanhenge

As the sun sets into the amazing spectacle known as Manhattanhenge, the sun’s golden rays flood the streets of the city and create a glow unlike any other sunset the city has seen.

Fourth of July: Top Fireworks Shows in the USA

On Fourth of July, people across the country celebrate with fireworks in all different shapes and sizes. We've listed some of the best places to watch across the nation.

Add Some Spark To Your Firework Photography Skills

Whether using your iPhone or a camera, these simple steps guarantee great (and share worthy) photo results when photographing fireworks.

Here's How to Capture the Top 15 Music Festivals of Summer 2019

Here's our list of the best, must-see music festivals this summer, along with a few tips for the best photo opportunities at each one.


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