World Photography Day with Mimeo Photos

On August 19th, 2018, join the celebration as we honor photographers on World Photography Day. It is a time to dive into your passion for photography and bring your treasured memories to life with the help of Mimeo Photos. Whether you’re starting a new photo project or reminiscing about an old one, here’s how Mimeo Photos can help to inspire artistry and encourage creativity.


Create a photobook of your most treasured memories or the best photos from this year so far. With Mimeo Photos’ creative themes, layouts, and tools, you can create your photobook exactly the way you envision. Your photobook can include photos of your favorite trip, your portfolio, wedding, or an event/holiday. You can even build a photobook and gift it to someone as the ultimate gift!

Photobook Spread


Start a 365 day photo project by marking down all of the photos in your customized Mimeo Photos calendar. With various Mimeo Photos themes and layouts, your calendar can be customized to your preference. You can even create your own spin on it and have each month be a photographic category or topic such as light, angles, black and white, and more. This personalized calendar will ensure you stay organized and complete your tasks with outstanding photography results.

Photography Calendar


Design an invitation for a World Photography Party where you share some of your best photos and celebrate this day with your fellow photographers. You can do fun activities like showcasing everyone’s best photos on a big screen or offering photo sessions to your guests.

Photography Card
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