What Does Your Interior Design Style Say About Your Personality?

You may not know it, but your taste in home decor tells a lot about your personality. Curious to know what your decor style says about you?

With the launch of Art Collections - our version of a digital art shop with highly curated designs you can easily choose from - we wanted to help you match your personality to your design style. Leave us a comment below if we got it right for you. 😊

Abstract Decor Style Means You Have An Artistic Eye

Artists don’t see things in simple black and white, but rather the possibilities found in the gray spaces in between. If your style leans more towards abstract, you’re open-minded and have a deep, creative imagination. You like to have fun when it comes to your decor style, and aren’t scared to make a bold statement with designs that blur the line between colors, shapes and patterns. 

Pro tip: Let the abstract artwork dictate the material you use. Opt for a woven throw for layering or as a tapestry. Alternatively, add depth with acrylic wall decor that celebrates rich undertones.

Minimalist Decor Style Says You’re Simplistic

If you gravitate towards a minimalistic style, you like to keep things pure and simple. You stray away from drama and do your best to keep things as uncomplicated as possible. You’re a fan of negative space, clean lines, neutral colors and monochromatic designs.

Pro tip: We recommend printing minimalistic art on Framed Canvas. The fibers of the canvas will beautifully absorb the color while maintaining the integrity of negative space.

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Typography Decor Style Says You’re Eclectic

If different fonts have always been appealing to you, your design style borders on eclectic. Whether it’s words of inspiration, daily affirmations or bold statements, you’re not shy when it comes to telling people how you feel through the power of words in your home decor

Pro tip: We love a big at-home display, but mantras and other sayings are a joy for your everyday communication. Make a full set of custom cards with well-balanced typography on the card's front.

Illustration Decor Style Says You’re Contemporary

If you’re drawn to illustrations, you’re attracted to fine art and have a contemporary sense of style. Your decor style is modern and subtle sophistication, lots of texture, and clean lines are peppered throughout your home. You like to display open space rather than objects.

Pro tip: This classic form of art is fit for a classic photo frame. Add one to a Framed Print for added elegance to any wall.

Nature Decor Style Says You Have Bit Of Bohemia In You

If you’ve always been drawn to earth and all its lush, expansive glory, then you have a bohemian sense of style. You love an eclectic mix of colors, using layers and playing with patterns throughout your home. It’s important for you to showcase earthy elements around your space to make you feel closer to nature.

Pro tip: It's highly recommended by our team to print the artwork from the Nature Collection onto Acrylic Wall Decor. The depth of its acrylic pane brings an almost three-dimensional aspect to the imagery.

Rustic Decor Says You Like Americana Style

If elevated Americana has always been your style, you prefer everything in your home to look airy, aged, organic, and natural. You’re attracted to muted and monochromatic colors with a focus on the no-fuss nature of rustic design. You like a slight grittiness, subdued hues and warm tones.

Pro tip: Embrace natural beauty with a Wood Print made of sustainably sourced maple. With natural variations in the wood's grain no two cuts are the same making yours entirely unique.

Photography Decor Style Says You’re Adventurous 

A moment captured in time holds significant meaning to you. That’s why you have a deep appreciation for photography and have a keen sense of adventure in your taste for decor. Whether it’s simplistic black and white or outrageously colorful, you love to show guests who enter your home the experiences, people and places that make you uniquely you. 

Pro tip: Select the color of a Framed Print based on the colors of the photo itself. A frame can beautifully complement or contrast the subject matter.

Kid’s Decor Style Means You Can Be Playful

Ah, to be young, carefree and curious about everything! A nursery, playroom or child’s bedroom is the perfect opportunity to be playful with your decor. You aim to create a cheerful vibe for the little ones, which means you incorporate wildly vibrant colors, confidence-boosting affirmations and whimsy imagery.

Pro tip: Surround your child with inspirational artwork. Add mantras to a beautiful Canvas Easel that serves as a positive reminder on their nightstand, desk, or shelf.

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