Trick or Treat... Again

With the increase in social media and amazing photography tools, there's been a growing trend of recreating vintage photos.

You've seen them -- photos of five grown adults posing on a beach as they did twenty years ago as children. They wear similar clothes and even style their hair and make the same faces to capture the original photo. These creative projects have a sense of nostalgia and also celebrate the present.

Here's how to recreate a vintage photo re-make just in time for Halloween. You can use your own children as the subject this time.

1. Find the Vintage Photo

Those 1980s and 90s photos are project gold. Root through old family photo albums and scrapbooks. Call your mom and ask her to dig up your old childhood trick-or-treat photos. The great thing is that lots of your childhood toys and costumes are coming back in style, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and My Little Ponies.

Pare down your choices to something that can be easily re-created. For example, it will be easier to re-invent the picture of you dressed as a black cat than the photo of your dressed up as your Pillow Pal. Find a photo with you in a costume that can be recreated. Scan your top choice into your computer.

2. Style the Present Shot Like the Vintage One

Purchase or make a similar costume for your child. (Better yet, if your parents are nostalgic they might have your old costume up in the attic.) Style your own child similarly, trying to match the costume, mask, and makeup as much to the original as possible.

Don't forget to style the background too. If you were standing in front of that old tweed couch that's now in your basement, use it as your background. If you were outside in a cornfield, visit your neighborhood orchard. Try to match the original photo as much as possible so it will be fun to compare the two.

3. Take the Photo

And, then take it again and again. Be sure to get plenty of shots to choose from as children are usually squirmy subjects. Take pictures of your child at their happiest time of day perhaps in the morning or right after nap time. Don't wait until the "golden hour of photography" when the light is best as that is usually the witching hour for children.

Enlist the help of a friend or family member to help you in the process. Be sure to have your child pose in the same way you were in the original picture. Were you standing up? Sitting cross-legged? Recreate the pose. Try to match the facial expression too.

4. Compile the Photographs

Place the photos side-by-side in a photo software program. Crop them to include only the important aspects and to try to make the backgrounds as similar as possible.

Post to social media to share with all of your friends. Be sure to thank your mom and send her a personalized Halloween card with you and her grandbaby on it.

Put all of your creative work to even more good use. Think about future photo projects. Use your Halloween photos for the October page of your personalized calendar.

You'll be sure to bring lots of treats this Halloween with this photo trick. Enjoy capturing the memories!

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