7 Different Springtime Activities to Safely Partake in This Weekend

While this spring is different from those of the past, there are still many ways in which you can honor your traditions and celebrate the season. Read on below to learn more about safe activities to participate in as a family this weekend.

Attend Alternative Egg Hunts 

Easter egg hunts are a spring staple for most children. With current restrictions, you can still partake in the activity but in a safer and more creative manner. 

  • Drive-by egg hunts: Check to see if your community is having drive-by egg hunts. In this version of an egg hunt, you drive, bike, or walk through parks or neighborhoods decorated with large eggs. 
  • Virtual egg hunts: Join or start your own virtual egg hunt to connect with people from all over through video calling.
Have an egg decorating conest as your spring themed activity

Decorate Eggs and Other Materials

Another springtime tradition is egg decorating. Allow your children to express their creativity by painting, coloring eggs or alternative materials. The cardboard, styrofoam, and other packaging materials from recent deliveries make for great materials to reuse as decor.

If you’re social distancing with adults then indulge your competitive side. Everyone can participate by decorating an egg and then post the final products for voting. Instagram polls make for easy ways to tally public favor.

Connect with Friends and Family

Get your Zoom, House Party, and FaceTime dates ready. With video calls, you can plan to eat your Passover Seder meal or Easter brunch together even if you’re afar. A simple face to face hello can help to brighten anyone’s day. 

Create a springtime comfort meal as an activity this weekend

Plan a Comfort Meal

Like most seasons, classic meals are something to look forward to. This weekend, mix and match between your family recipes and new food trends using the season’s freshest produce. Get your kids involved with some baked goods like carrot cake, sticky buns, or decorated sugar cookies. 

If you’re not much of a home cook (or need a break from cooking) support a local business with curbside pick up or delivery. 

Complete our crossword puzzle over your morning coffee for a relaxing Sunday.

Watch and stream films as a family this springtime

Watch Something as a Family

In the age of streaming services, there’s no shortage of shows or movies to watch. For something more festive for the kids, stream “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown!”. Supplement some of the basket gifts with “viewer’s choice” on movies to rent and then watch as a family.

Attend a Virtual Service

Religious organizations all over are opening their doors to the web. Do a bit of research on the services that you can attend virtually.

Photograph Fresh Blooms

Try your best to photograph if you’re able to safely access a park or if you have a garden. Use our tips below to try and capture the nature around you.

  • Alternate your angles to find the most captivating perspectives
  • Try to isolate your subject (in this case, a particular blossom)
  • Take advantage of all of the natural light this season

Wishing you well from all of us at Mimeo Photos.

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