Photo Gifts To Match Your Zodiac Sign

Letting the stars decide isn’t even something NASA can get behind, but does your zodiac sign really carry any significance? We think so. We even went as far as to match our photo products with the personality traits of your sign. You’re welcome😏

We have a few products in mind for you, but is it destiny? Read on for the different ways to celebrate Valentine’s & Galentine’s Day with photo products aligned to your zodiac sign.

puzzle on table with wine and cheese


Sociable is one way to describe them, but a Libra's confidence is their true strength. Sometimes hard to read, these signs can be indecisive, but in the end, know exactly what they want in the right setting. They’ll charm you over a glass of red as you calmly assemble a 1000+ piece puzzle together.

man holding prints


Spontaneous and dramatic, they are always ready for something new and exciting. Their IG is filled with wild outdoor activities or a trip they planned last minute. An Aries takes you on their latest adventure with a print set of them skydiving or making the best moves on the dance floor.

blanket being displayed


Calm and practical, this sign is gentle and pleasant to the people they love. As much as they go with the flow, their aesthetic is super important to them. That’s why this gift is so perfect for when they're surfing Netflix for “best rom coms” snuggled up in a heavy woven throw.

engagement photobook with ring


The Pinterest Queen (or King)! Known for their emotional side and love for the arts, they will share their relaxed and super creative side with you once they’ve gained your trust. A Cancer will curate a set of wedding and engagement photobooks for loved ones (and has drafts ready for potential future unions).

Framed print that says do what makes you oh so happy


Occasionally known for being a little arrogant or dramatic, they are easy to talk to and have really good taste. People are drawn to their warmth and though they won’t try to impress you, their gestures are grand. A Leo will send you home with a mounted print featuring their own artwork.

Photo cards as postcards


A jokester at heart, they love to share their wisdom and will light up any room. Born leaders and intellectuals, they cannot follow someone elses set of rules and will do things their own way. They may have waited until the last minute, but they stayed up way past bedtime to finish creating a set of postcards to hand out for Galentine’s Day.

Calendar displayed with friends


Intelligent, enthusiastic, generous and creative, when a Sag needs to complete a project, you know they have thought through every possible scenario to make something great! Your Sagittarius will create a calendar filled with self-care goals and deadlines … only to impulsively change plans, but hey they are trail blazers afterall.

tabletop decor with couple


Tends to overthink things, but also might be the perfect gift giver? With vibrant personalities and charm, this sign has a true love for people and pays close attention to the little things. A Gemini reinvents their deskscape (and yours) with a matching set of metal prints.

Hanging canvas wall decor


Is being a perfectionist really so bad? Virgos' wit, dedication and loving personality are why people are so comfortable around them. Being super analytical and practical means they will surprise you with a perfectly balanced triptych across a framed canvas set.

acrylic wall decor of cloud


Scorpios are complex, but once they know they can trust you, their personality is infectious and magnetic. Being the most spiritual and passionate of signs they’ll easily use their power to influence you to also order acrylic wall decor since theirs is so mesmerizing.

wrapped photobook


Goal-oriented, trustworthy and loyal, showing emotions doesn’t always come easy to some Capricorns. They will however show their love through gestures and gifts. The combination of confidence, family values and their creative side will want to complete a 100-page, large format hardcover volume for an upcoming anniversary with a fully custom theme.

framed print


Compassionate, intuitive and hopelessly romantic, Pisces have deep insight into the people they love. They can be indecisive, so they will probably insist on ordering identical prints in black and white frames just in case that special someone prefers one over the other.

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