7 Ideas for Creating Your Very Own Personalized Puzzles

If your nights are anything like ours, you’ll find yourself studying the pieces of a puzzle in quiet hope you’ve discovered a pattern or missing piece. Puzzles provide countless hours of teamwork, conversation, and fun at home. Use our ideas outlined below to personalize your own puzzle with photos already on your camera roll. When you’re ready, choose from our variety of puzzle options available for ordering.

Anniversary or Wedding Photo Puzzles

1. Anniversary or Wedding Photo Puzzles

You likely have a ton of photos from your wedding day. While we’ll always recommend that you make your own wedding album (we’re a bit biased, after all), photo puzzles are a fun anniversary gift. Make a personalized puzzle using one of your elegant wedding portraits, or choose a more humorous outtake from your big day. 

We recommend doing our largest 1014 piece set to spend more time with your significant other for your celebration.

2. Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids

Time spent solving puzzles is often synonymous with calmness. They’re a great outlet for kids to test their curiosity, work on problem-solving skills, and practice patience. Making your own personalized puzzle for your child presents another fun opportunity to teach them even more. 

Add a familiar place or face for them to assemble, or, for an extra challenge, add subject matter that demonstrates fundamental differences like the four seasons or food groups. We offer extra large-sized pieces for your little one with growing motor skills starting at 30 piece puzzle sets.

3. Hard to Solve Puzzles

Some of the most challenging puzzles are the ones with repeating patterns, gradients, similar color tones, and red herrings. Design your own challenge with a personalized puzzle made by you. Scan in a hardcopy or upload a digital design to your project. Alternatively, choose from our library of backgrounds. Pick the two tones for your pattern. Make it a more monochromatic look for expert puzzle solvers.

Nature and Travel Personalized Puzzles

4. Nature and Travel Photo Puzzles

Revisit some of your favorite places with a puzzle featuring photos from a trip. Puzzles of landscapes and sunsets are likely trickier to solve than your typical photos of local fare. Add more than one travel photo to your puzzle to commemorate some of the most memorable parts of your travels. Place the location, coordinates, or year of your travel onto the puzzle for more context.

Make a Personalized Puzzle of Your First Home

5. Puzzle of Your First Home

Establishing your first home is a very special time. The DIY home projects, landscaping, and other interior design updates are a labor of love — these efforts are what really makes a house a home. We are thrilled to help homeowners honor their places with a puzzle featuring its exterior. 

While these are the perfect gift for first time homeowners, we think it’s a romantic and nostalgic gift for families that may have outgrown their nests. Reflect back on that wonderful place when you transplant roots with a personal puzzle for the family to solve.

6. Flower & Garden Puzzles

Home gardening is a hobby that has picked up tremendously in the past year. The “fruits” of your labor are points of pride no matter if you’re growing herbs and vegetables or planting annual flowers. Take the snapshots off of your phone and add them to a puzzle to solve long after the season is over. 

7. Turn Your Holiday Cards Into Annual Puzzles

If you send annual holiday cards then this idea will likely become part of your tradition. Take the photo or photos featured on your greetings and turn them into a puzzle. The best part is that you can disassemble and reassemble time and time again, year after year. It’s a fun project that your changing family will value when it comes time to gather around again.

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