10 Original and Heartfelt Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Anyone can buy a bunch of flowers for their partner on Valentine's Day, right? Anyone can book a table at a local restaurant. While any Valentine's Day gift is a lovely thing, some gifts demonstrate a greater level of thought.

If you want to give the love of your life something they'll remember for the rest of their life, read on. Here are 10 original and heartfelt Valentine's Day gift ideas you and your partner will never forget.

1. An Experience Day

Rather than take your partner out for a meal, why not take them out for a once-in-a-lifetime experience? You can buy experiences as part of a package, which can include travel to and from the location, food, drink, and a special gift.

There are many different types of experience to choose from these days, including hot air balloon rides, concerts, botanical gardens, and spa days.

2. A Personalized Robe

There's only one thing better than a personalized robe, and that's two personalized robes. Get your names embroidered on both garments, along with a heartfelt message. You may even be able to choose a romantic or meaningful motif to go with the message.

3. A Picnic Backpack

There are some great picnic backpacks that come fully loaded with everything you need for a great al fresco lunch. The average bag contains knives, forks, glasses, plates, napkins, and a blanket. All you need to do is pack a few of your favorite foods. Some manufacturers will even embroider your partner's initials on the bag.

4. Name a Star After Your Partner

There are billions of stars in the universe, and that's just the ones we know about. Many have scientific names, but you can name them after the love of your life for a reasonably small charge. When you name your chosen star, you're given a pack containing a certificate. The pack also contains instructions on how to locate the star in the sky.

Stargaze in one another's arms, and search the night sky for the star that bears your loved one's name.

5. A Personalized Photobook

Do you have hundreds of cherished photos in your Instagram account? Or have you filled your cloud storage with romantic snaps of you both? Rather than leaving them hidden away, convert them into a heartfelt photobook. Create a book filled with your most cherished memories.

Simply curate your most-loved images, choose a theme, and add your own personal messages and touches.

6. A Box of Love

This is your chance to be creative. If you're a lover of arts and crafts, this is the gift for you. Get some colored card paper, and cut it into small strips. Write messages of love on each one. You can even have a go at some poetry if you're feeling particularly creative. You might want to add a few quotes or one-liners that have special meaning to you.

Buy a small gift box, and place all of your heartfelt messages inside. Sprinkle in some glitter, along with lots of love hearts -- and maybe a heart-shaped chocolate or two.

Close the box, and wrap a decorative bow around it. This personal box of love certainly won't be available in stores.

7. A Meaningful Card

Choose one or two photos that feature both of you in a romantic embrace. Select a layout that best suits your picture and the amount of text you want to include. If the image requires sharpening or re-focusing, you should be able to make the necessary changes with an editing tool.

The image that means so much to you is then printed onto a lovely card -- a reminder of how much your partner means to you.

8. Pre-Planned Date Certificates

Why restrict the thoughtfulness and romance to Valentine's Day? Why not spread the love throughout the year. Using a simple word processing package or online editor, create your own date certificates.

Print one for each month, and include all the necessary details. If you take the time to make bookings and organize everything in advance, you're guaranteeing your loved one a full year of romantic date nights.

9. Personalized Candy

There are several online services that allow you to personalize candy with your partner's name. Create a heartfelt message, poem or verse, and get it printed on the packaging -- or even on individual candies. Or order chocolate letters, and arrange them into your partner's name yourself.

10. A Customized Calendar

If you have too many different photos for a single themed photo book, why not include them all in a single, heartfelt gift? Choose images that remind you of special moments spent together as a couple - vacations, holidays, selfies and date nights. Be sure to include loving quotes to personalize each month of your calendar.

Give your partner the gift of cherished memories for Valentine's Day.

Go the extra mile with your Valentine's Day gift.

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