National Dog Day: Celebrate All Year Round with a Pet Calendar

National Dog Day may be only one day a year, but let’s face it ﹘ dog owners love to celebrate their beloved pups all year long. One way to recognize the love for your dog is to create a custom calendar. Add your favorite memories for each month of the year. Customize your dog’s birthday or adoption date with a photo.

We went around our office and asked some proud dog owners to submit some photos. Here’s how we celebrated the our “pawfect” friends:

Start the New Year with the Best Paw Forward

Match Colors to Moods

Hank on the day of his adoption | Gap, PAWhat better way to ring in the New Year than with a picture of your dog? Changing the background color went well with Hank’s eyes. Blue is also typically associated with winter. Bold text matches the mood of the New Year celebration.

Personalize with Candid Shots

Customize Each Month of Your Pet Calendar

Millie and Clay happy to hike | Pequea, PAOne of the most endearing qualities of a dog is their happy nature. Research shows that dogs have a similar neurological to humans when they see friends. So that grinning and tail wagging when they see you aren’t all about reward and loyalty. Your pet is truly happy to see you. Include candid shots of your happy friend like Millie and Clay on a hike.

Customize Event Dates

Personalize Dates Meaningful to You in Your Pet Calendar

Mackie behind the wheel | Pittsfield, MaineWith Mimeo Photos, you can customize a specific calendar date with a photo and text. These can be holidays or any other day. For example, National Dog Day and Mackie’s annual road trip are in the month of August. Some other ideas to include in your dog calendar are:

  • Birthdays
  • Adoption dates
  • Annual vet check-ups
  • Grooming appointments
  • Upcoming family trips

Include Moments that Makes You Smile

Include Moments that Make You Smile in Your Pet Calendar
Laila ready for the night on the town | Mumbai, India

One of the greatest parts of being a pet owner is that they love us for who we are. Even when we’re being silly. Add your silly moments to bring a smile of your face. Who wouldn’t want to look at Laila in a pink dress all month long?

Add Photos that Match the Season

The Dog Days of Summer
Hallie and Chloe enjoy the water | Black Rock, Connecticut & Newark, NJ

Summer is known for its heat waves. It’s also a time that filled with activity ﹘ swimming, hiking, and weekend escapes. Include your favorite moments from the dog days of summer and create a collage. Like, for instance, Hallie enjoying life on the water and her pal Chloe poolside.

Mix Color with Black & White

Add Colorful Text to B&W Shots
Houdini takes a break with Millie and Clay | Brooklyn, NY

Black and white photos with a colored font create a compelling contrast. This combination also establishes another tone to your calendar. Black and white photos have a timeless and classic quality to your photos while color adds a playful element. Check out how this combination works with Houdini sitting on a dog park bench with his buds.

Embrace Celebrations and Holidays

Celebrate the Holidays With Your Pet Calendar
Isabella warms up for Santa | Princeton, NJ

Like Laila, Isabella likes to dress up. A holiday sweater, reindeer ears, and festive hats all make for good photo props. Snap a picture of your dog in the holiday spirit. The possibilities are endless when it comes to celebrating your favorite holidays.

Now sort through your favorite shots and design the calendar perfect for your pet.

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