National Dog Day: Celebrate All Year Round with a Pet Calendar

National Dog Day comes once a year as summer draws to an end. This means you can look forward to your Instagram feed packed with even more four-legged friends. If you’re a dog or other type of pet owner you don’t need to wait all year long to recognize your furry member of the family. 

In this post we’ll dig into how you can create a photo calendar that celebrates your dog all year round.

Search Your Photos Library Properly

This is an easy trick for finding all of the images of your pup. If you’re an Apple Photos or Google Photos user, simply tap the “Search” option and type “dog”. All photos and videos of any dog will return as a result of your search.

Searching by keyword will ultimately save you a ton of time, especially if you have a large collection of photos.

Use Mimeo Photos builder to create a custom pet calendar

Plan Out the Sequence of Your Photos 

The key to curating a photo calendar is setting the narrative of your year. There are a few ways to do this when it comes to a pet calendar. Ask yourself how you want to tell the story of your pet-owner companionship over time. Is it a month-to-month reflection of important experiences you shared together from the previous year? Or is it from a longer period of time with images that are quite literally more in tune with the seasons?

Whatever you set out to tell will directly influence your choice of images from month-to-month. Keep in mind that you can include multiple photos with layouts for each month. If you want to have multiple photos of your dog living his best life at the dog park at once glance just update the layout of the month.

Alternatively, you can feature your pup with a single, large image for the month. This is especially fun if your intention is to recognize a tradition or holiday. For example, your dog in a festive holiday sweater come the chilly month of December.

And, if all else fails just include moments that make you smile. One of the greatest parts of being a pet owner is that they love us for who we are. Research shows that dogs have a similar neurological to humans when they see friends. So that grinning and tail wagging when they see you isn’t just about a canine instinct regarding reward and loyalty. Your pet is truly happy to see you. Add the photos that capture those perfect doggy smiles and puppy mishaps to bring you joy.

Add final touches to your pet calendar with custom layouts and backgrounds

Customize Event Dates

With Mimeo Photos, you can customize a specific calendar date with a photo and text. These can be holidays or any other day. For example, highlighting National Dog Day in the month of August fits the context of a pet calendar. Some other ideas to include in your dog calendar are:

  • Birthdays or adoption dates
  • Annual vet check-ups
  • Grooming appointments
  • Upcoming family trips

Add Those Special Final Touches

Photo calendars are truly a special type of project. They serve as positive reminders all year long as you look ahead. You’ll want your pet calendar to be as close to perfection since it will be on display on a wall or door for a long period of time. 

In addition to adding photos and text to dates, try some of these tips to elevate your wall calendar:

  • Add solid or two-tone backgrounds to complement the subject of the photo
  • Make custom captions to photos in your layouts like your dog’s name, age, and location of where the photo is taken
  • Apply titles to the spreads of each month
  • Group images that share a similar tone together in layouts

Once you’re happy with your dog or pet calendar project, we’ll be happy to print it for you to enjoy everyday. 

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