5 Great Calendar Ideas for 2019

A calendar is so much more than a list of forthcoming events. It can double up as a photo album, recipe book, or curated collection of inspirational quotes.

A calendar doesn't have to sit on your desk either. Pin it to a wall and make your calendar the centerpiece of any interior space. Here are 5 calendar ideas for Apple Photos users who want to get creative in 2019.

Mimeo Photos recipe photo calendar

1. Collect Your Favorite Recipes

If you're a foodie, you're probably always on the lookout for a good recipe. Now you can keep all of your best recipes in one place. Hot meals, delicious desserts, colorful cocktails -- create a personalized recipe calendar that will make your mouth water.

There are so many ways you can utilize your calendar. Use it to showcase some of your best food images or hang it in the kitchen to reference when deciding what to prepare for dinner. You could even incorporate holiday recipes that feature the best seasonal food for that month!

Mimeo Photos Quote calendar

2. Print Out Some Inspirational Quotes

An inspirational quote can provide you with a much-needed boost first thing in the morning. Why not feature some of your favorite quotes from influencers, authority figures, and historical leaders in a wall calendar?

Choose a quote for every month of the year and feel inspired all year round.

Mimeo Photos Pet Calendar

3. Make Your Pet Into a Work of Art

If you're a pet owner, you probably have hundreds of images of them on your devices. What better way to show appreciation for your furry best friend than by putting them in a calendar! You can create a pet calendar with Mimeo Photos that features some of your favorites images.

Choose your favorite snaps and create customized collages for every month of the year. Pick as many photos as you like -- after all, we know it'll be hard to narrow down photos of your beloved pet.

Mimeo Photos Friends Selfie Calendar

4. Showcase Selfies With Friends and Loved Ones

The average millennial will take 25,700 selfies in their lifetime -- that's a lot of photos. You could keep selfies on your phone, but printing your favorites and putting them on display will constantly remind of you of your best nights out, vacation spots, and cherished moments with friends and loved ones.

Why not create a selfie calendar? Choose 12 of your favorite images of the people you love and celebrate your best-ever memories.

Mimeo Photos relationship calendar

5. Create a Calendar for Your Special Someone

Surprise your partner with a calendar of your favorite moments as a couple. Use images from your Photos albums and create a calendar that your loved one will cherish for the next 12 months.

Choose a mix of photos from your time together as a couple. Vacations, date nights, cute couple selfies -- incorporate all of these images to create the perfect personalized gift for your special someone.

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