The Many Shapes and Forms of Calendars

It’s easy to forget plans, especially when balancing your personal life with your work life. Having and maintaining a personal calendar helps keep you on task and organized. Most people carry around calendars on their cellphone devices without ever using it. Its mobility and push notifications are features you most definitely would want to take advantage of. Put in your friends birthdays, dinner plans, or major events and set reminders with when you would like to be notified. Add smart watches into the mix, and you’ll be reminded of your schedule straight from your wrist!

Facebook, believe it or not, also incorporates calendars into their events tab, organizing friends’ birthdays and your events into your personalized calendar. When you are invited to events or express interest in one, Facebook notifies you closer to the date as a reminder. Facebook also notifies you about friends’ birthdays on that day, so you’ll always remember to wish them a happy birthday!

facebook calendar

Other ways calendars integrate into social media is with post scheduling apps like Hootsuite or Iconosquare. Apps like these combine a digital calendar with your social media accounts to plan and post your content. You can schedule all of your posts, pictures, and captions in one shot, and then when the time comes to post, it will notify you that it’s time to post.

Calendars have a huge role in the business world as well. Using an online calendar like Google Calendar, you can keep track of your day to day meetings, its locations, as well as the employees attending. You can even check with other employees’ calendars to find out their availability when scheduling meetings. Input your days off into the calendar as well to inform the office about planning while you’re gone.

google calendar

While the world of digital calendars is amazing and will continue to amaze us with its functions, printed photo calendars offer its own benefits. Stay on task and on top of your plans while also decorating your desk or home with a nice photo keepsake. It’s a unique and special way to look back on memorable photos while also aiding in your productivity and organization. In addition, photo calendars could be a great marketing tool for photographers. When having clients visit your office or desk, a calendar filled with your photos and work on display can promote business and start conversation. Make your own photo calendar with Mimeo Photos.

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