5 Custom Zoom Backgrounds for the Summer Season

Taking a trip to the beach, having a barbeque with family and friends, digging into delicious fruits, or enjoying an icy treat. These are all trademarks of the summer season. Although summer is off to a different start, we have the opportunity to get creative and still celebrate the season. 

Bring summer fun to your Zoom video conference calls with one of our 5 seasonally-themed backgrounds!

See how to change to a custom Zoom background here.

Waves of Color

Download Waves of Color

This colorful background is reminiscent of the warm sands and cool water at the beach. Add this beachy background to bring some extra joy to your Zoom conference call. 

Sweet Treats

Download Sweet Treats

One of the best parts of summer is enjoying a cool, refreshing treat at the end of a hot day. You can bring that refreshing reminder to your Zoom call with this custom background.

Going Green

Dowload Going Green

Plants are growing more lush and green as the weather heats up. Bring greenery indoors with this fresh and natural custom Zoom background.

Summer Shades

Download Summer Shades

Bring your streetwear style inside with this “shady” background.

Fruity Delight

Download Fruity Delight

Citrus and watermelon are a delicious complement to summertime activities, this is even true for video calls. Try pairing this fruity custom background with your summer Zoom conference calls.

We hope that these backgrounds help to create new twists on our seasonal traditions while still making them special.

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