5 Gifts for Parents That Create Lasting Memories

Shopping for your parents can be difficult, especially those who seem to have everything. You want something that they love but the same old gifts won't do. Gifts that are memorable are the goal yet those take thought. Just in case you need some ideas to get you started, we've got you covered.
Instead of the usual, here are five gifts for parents that create memories.

1. Give the Gift of Travel

There's nothing like making memories together on a trip. Here are some travel ideas for every budget.

  • Book a cruise: Going on a cruise with your parents is the perfect bonding experience. Everyone is close enough to share in the experience. Yet, there's still room to be apart.
  • Plan a staycation: If a faraway trip isn't in the budget, plan a staycation. Staycations are trips close to home. Take a day trip to local attractions and see the sights right in your hometown.
  • Take a road trip: Hitting the road with your parents is a bonding experience. Whether it's across your home state or the country, it's something they'll never forget. Take a road trip and see all the sights close to home or a trip to another country where you experience new cultures and sights.

If you're stumped when it comes to destinations, check out this list of places to travel with mom.

Don't forget -- it's easy to document your travels, too.

Bring a digital (DSLR) camera with you so you get stunning pictures. Vice versa, packing a film camera, like a Polaroid, will cause you to be selective with your shots.

Even if you don't have a camera, your smartphone will suffice. Pair it with the HISY Bluetooth shutter remote and you won't miss out on any of the shots.

2. Gift a Class or Experience

Some gifts are not only special but have lasting impressions. The gift of a class or experience is ideal for your lasting impressions. Your parents can enjoy the classes or experiences together as a couple or with you.

This is a great idea if you've ever heard one of them mention something they've always wanted to do. Or perhaps you'd like to get closer to your parents by cooking or painting together.

Experiences are an excellent idea too. While skydiving may not be something your parents want to do, perhaps they would enjoy (and some may!) how about an animal encounter at the zoo or driving a race car?

Here are a few ideas for classes or experience gifts:

  • Dance lessons
  • Movie or show tickets
  • Driving range, bowling, or batting cage
  • Escape the room
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Race car experience
  • Painting classes
  • Photography course

The sky's the limit with experience and classes gifts. And best of all, the costs are perfect for a variety of budgets. So if you're saving money or have more to spend there is a class or experience to share.

3. Create a Photobook

Create a photobook that memorializes the important events in your life -- and theirs. It allows your parents to keep those sacred memories forever. For instance, show off family reunions or gatherings. Candid photos are ideal or posed photos where the whole family is present work well.

You can add in any text you want. Include the date, other important details, and more. Your photobook allows them to keep special moments forever.
And what moment is more special than the pictures of their grandchildren or the family all together as a group? 

It's easy to get adventurous with photobook layouts. Remember, you don't always have to use new photos. You can digitally scan older photos, newspaper clippings, and more to incorporate into a page or spread alongside new photos. This allows you to bring out your creative side while celebrating your heritage.

4. Gift a Tradition

Traditions are an integral part of our family history. What better way to celebrate our families than with a new tradition?

Whether it's a trip you all take each year or a get together where you grill in the summer, traditions bring everyone closer. And they're something everyone looks forward to.

Make a new tradition during Hanukkah or gather all of your favorite holiday recipes.

A cookbook is a great way to document all of your special recipes, whether they have been passed down to you through generations, or you have created them yourself. Each page spread can include the recipe and a photo of each dish.

Whether it's traditional recipes or the new ones you create together, you'll have a cookbook to share as a gift for your mom or dad.

5. Plan a Party

If it's your parents' anniversary or a birthday, a party makes for excellent memories. Get in touch with their friends and family and plan an event that they'll remember forever.

It doesn't have to be elaborate. In fact, a cookout or potluck works well. The important thing is for everyone to be together and enjoy each other's company.

Plus, the photographs that are taken can be kept forever.

There are many ways to get those perfect photos, too. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Have a photo booth at the party
  • For candid or intimate shots, place cameras throughout the venue or room
  • For larger events or when you want to take the burden off of you, hire a professional photographer
  • Have a little bit of all of these suggestions to ensure every moment is captured

This year, instead of throwaway gifts, give the gift of a lasting impression. Your parents will cherish the memories and love the thought behind it.

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