Capture the Show With Your Camera

Summer concerts are in full swing and before the shows are over, make sure to take a memorable photo. It may seem challenging getting the right shot with all the lights, crowd, and movements at a concert, but with these simple techniques, you’ll be able to capture the best moments of the show with a click of a button.


It’s no secret concert lighting tends to be rather dim and obscure. Therefore, shooting with a wide aperture or as large as your lens allows will maximize the amount of lighting captured in your photo and make for some clear shots.


Sticking to Manual Exposure Mode on your camera is ideal at a concert. With all the shadows and poor lighting during a concert, manual mode allows for a more consistent way of exposing images. Any other specialized exposure setting may produce poor exposure, since the setting isn't programmed to pick up on concert lighting so well.

Crowd Concert


Should you shoot in RAW or JPG? In regards to concert photography, it is best to shoot in the RAW format. This will allow for easier enhancements and changes when editing exposure, saturation, contrast, and more.


Having an understanding of your camera’s sensitivity to light is key in producing the proper exposure of your images. With that being said, the higher your ISO, the less light is needed for good exposure. In a poorly lit concert, cranking up the ISO as high as possible will help you achieve the best results.


All the movement in concerts poses an obstacle to taking pictures there. To ensure you’re getting the most pictures without blurriness, it’s best to take pictures in the range between 1/100- 1/200 shutter speed. This will be fast enough to take the best motion shots while avoiding shaking the camera.

Shoot Everything

Concert photography isn't just about the spotlight on the stage, but everything else that brings the show to life. The band, fans, sponsors, and more are a part of the bigger show and when captured can diversify your images to provide a true feel of the concert’s atmosphere.

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