How to Find the Best Mac Photo Extensions

Most people who are slightly familiar with Photos in macOS know the basic editing tools the app offers, but sometimes this just isn't enough.

While Apple Photos’ editor is user-friendly editor it doesn’t allow for any advanced editing. The good news is that with the right software extensions, it becomes a much more powerful and useful package. The Photos app supports plugins, which means that third-party software developers can expand the functionality of the app by bolstering the tools it comes with.

Here are some of the best Mac Photo Extensions that can help you boost the power of the app depending on what functionality you are looking for.

Mimeo Photos

Available for free

Use round trip editing to edit photos in your book

Mimeo Photos is a powerful extension for Photos that allows you to create photobooks, cards, and calendars within the app. You can use identical Apple Photos themes, product sizes, and materials that Mimeo Photos provides as well as enhanced design features to edit your photo into a unique project.

It gives you much more functionality than printing through the Photos app and also offers seamless integration. You can get started right away and print high-quality books, cards, calendars and more straight through the app.

Just select your photos from your Apple Photos Library and create a new project.


Available for $39.99

Source: Pixelmator

Pixelmator was introduced a few years ago and became immediately popular because it directly competes with Adobe Photoshop. It is a powerful image-editing extension that uses brushes for tools so you just adjust the size and strength sliders and then click and drag on the image.

Pixelmator also includes a Distort plugin for Photos that extends the apps Warp, Bump, Pinch and Twirl tools to the Photos app. The tools work really well and maintain great image integrity.


Available for free

Source: Noiseless

Noiseless can work as a standalone app or you can use it fully within the Photos app as a plugin. The purpose of Noiseless to remove noise from photographs because digital photography doesn't always cope well with real-life situations.

The app uses smoothing filters to get rid of the noise and then runs another filter afterwards to try to add back in the detail and definition that the first filter may have erased. It offers settings from Lightest all the way to Extreme and, usually, one of the settings along the spectrum will match your photo.


Available for $59.99

Source: Luminar

Luminar is one of the top Apple Photos extensions. With Luminar, you can do everything from converting RAW images to working with layers and blend modes.

The Luminar editor is thought of as one of the best overall editors today because it works so seamlessly with the Photos app but boosts its power considerably. The plugin for Photos adds a lot more functionality to Apple's built-in editor, including advanced color correction, editable presets, and filters.


Available for certain regions

Source: Tonality

Tonality is an amazing extension for black and white photography. It's great for dramatic conversions to black and white and offers the ability to make a lot of adjustments. The effects and presets are mind-blowing and can help transform a picture easily in ways the Photos app never could. It can also be used a standalone app or an extension.


Available for $9.99

Source: Snapheal

Snapheal is the fastest and easiest way to remove people, shadows, objects, and other unwanted items from photos. The Apple Photos extension offers custom erasing precision so that you can choose the best mode to edit your photos, no matter the style of photo or size of the object.

Additionally, Snapheal also includes a handy image editing toolset to allow you to enhance your photos after erasing with advanced controls. The app works seamlessly with Apple Photos to make it easy to edit the photos in your library.

These photo extensions can help you turn Apple Photos from a lackluster editing tool into a powerful platform for editing, creating projects, printing photos and more.

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